As we all know, Hotstar allows us to watch Tollywood movies, Bollywood, IPL, cricket matches and many programs directly on our smart mobile device.

However, your access is restricted to India. You can’t access the Hotstar app from outside India, for example, you can’t access from countries like UK, USA, Dubai or any other country.

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, let’s see how to do it.


Then… How to use Hotstar in UK, USA, Dubai or any other country?

The app is blocked in all countries except India, but there is a way to use Hotstar outside India.

It is necessary to circumvent geographical restrictions to use Hotstar from outside India. You can use this system on your Android, iOS or Mac device to use Hotstar in countries other than India.


Use VPN to use Hotstar from outside India

If, for example, you try to watch any Bollywood program on Hotstar from outside India or if you just want to access the app from outside India, then you will get the following message: “Content not available. Content not available in your region”.

This is because when you try to access Hotstar from a country other than India, locate your IP address and block access to Hotstar.

Therefore, we will have to use a VPN to bypass IP blocking and allow Hotstar to use an IP address from India; so you can use Hotstar from outside India.

Another option is to use Voot App instead of Hotstar.

Steps to follow to unlock Hotstar from outside India using VPN

  1. You need to register with a VPN provider that has VPN servers in India.
  2. From here we recommend using TotalVPN. It is one of the best options to use Hotstar from any country.
  3. Download the VPN application to your Android, iOS, Windows PC or Mac device and configure it.
  4. Then, connect to the Indian Servers. As mentioned above, you need to have an IP address from India to use Hotstar from another country. Once you connect to Indian servers, you will be able to get an IP address from India.
  5. Now you can visit the official Hotstar website or open the Hotstar app from a country other than India.

VPNs to access Hotstar from outside India

Following the steps described and using the VPNs we have provided, you can unlock Hotstar and use it from outside India.

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